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HIRE THE RIGHT CANDIDATE FOR THE JOB Making Evidence-Based Hiring Decisions

Personality has a major impact on an individual’s behavioural tendencies. In a work setting, personality is determinant in the way individuals interact with one another which affects the daily outcome of any organisation. Our personality assessment provides recruiters with insightful information about the candidates’ personality and how it will impact their workplace behaviour in order for them to make evidence-based hiring decisions.

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skeeled is a modern and efficient recruitment tool which gives small companies like us the chance to focus on our priorities while automating the whole recruitment process. The software support is fast, personal and very thorough.
Arthus de Bousies - Managing Director @ Natura

ASSESS PERSONALITY WITH THE "BIG FIVE" MODEL To Learn Which Candidates are the Best Fit

The SHAPE personality assessment is based on the "Big Five" theoretical model, a worldwide known personality model which categorises personality into five broad dimensions - Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Stability, Extraversion and Openness - and measures workplace personality traits and occupational scores that are predictive of job performance. This scientifically proven test that provides recruiters with valuable and data-driven insights that help them evaluate whether candidates can succeed in a specific role.

The personality assessment evaluates candidates in three major areas that include the “Big Five” key personality dimensions:


Relationship With Others

Allows recruiters to learn how candidates establish, manage and develop relationships with others by assessing their leadership influence and consideration of others.

Relationship With Work

Allows recruiters to understand how candidates approach the situations and problems with which they’re confronted on a daily basis and what type of solutions they’re likely to adopt by assessing their creativity and adaptability and their rigour in work.

Emotions Management

Allows recruiters to learn what emotions candidates are most likely to feel and what they actually do about them by assessing their personal balance.
skeeled is a user-friendly digital tool that makes the entire recruitment process easy to manage. It provides a good overview of the candidates, where they are in the process and allows us to work faster through personalised emails and multiposting. In addition, it automatically creates our recruitment database.
Gilles Jonckheere - HR Manager @ TITECA

QUANTIFY YOUR CANDIDATES’ POTENTIAL To Better Evaluate and Compare Results

The “Big Five” is a trait model of personality that describes people in terms of traits on a spectrum, and is a valid and evidence-based means of understanding personality. The personality assessment is normative and yields an estimation of the position of the test-taker regarding the general population. This allows the recruiter not only to assess the result of an individual but also to make a direct comparison between candidates in the talent pool and use data to determine which ones would be the best fit for their company.


Simple Scoring System

Based on the person’s score for any particular personality dimension, recruiters will be able to know what percentage of the overall population would show behaviour at the same level as the person being evaluated; to a lesser degree than the person being evaluated; or to a greater degree than the person being evaluated.

Easy Results Interpretation

The personality assessment results will show where candidates fall on a spectrum for each trait. Each of the five personality factors distinct and independent from the others, which means that a candidate might reveal high levels of Extraversion and a low level of Agreeableness.

No "Good" or "Bad" Scores

Each candidate’s score simply represents how high or low is the likelihood of the behaviour being exhibited by the individual being evaluated. Scores of 5 and 6 (average scores), for instance, signify that the behaviour of the person is less "marked" and it may, therefore, change as a function of the specific environment.
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