Hire the Best Candidates From Your Talent Pool

Find the Right Candidate for the Job With an Evidence-Based Recruitment

There’s more to a candidate than education and experience. Find employees that truly fit in your team thanks to our integrated personality test. This test results show you each candidate’s core personality traits and whether he or she would be a good fit for your team, enabling an evidence-based recruitment.

Using skeeled's integrated pre-employment test you can predict job performance and cultural fit and find out how your candidates' personality will impact their workplace behaviour. Leverage our personality assessment tool to assemble more diverse and successful teams.

Predict your Candidates’ Future Job Performance

The deep insights from the personality test allow you to assess more accurately if a candidate would be a good fit for your team and succeed in a specific role.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Don't hire candidates that seem to be a good fit but leave after a few months in the job. Knowing more about their personality allows you to hire for the long run.

Build Teams that Work Well Together

Screening applicants with our pre-employment personality test allows you to hire people that are more likely to work well together and ensure the alignment between culture and business objectives.

Test Candidates’ Personality with the Big 5 Model Make Hiring Decisions Based on Rich and Valid Data

We partnered up with Wonderlic to provide our customers with a valid, reliable and integrated test. The PCI (Personality Characteristics Inventory) is based on a worldwide known personality model, the Big Five, which categorises personality into five broad dimensions and measures workplace personality traits and occupational scores that are predictive of job performance.

While individual competencies represented on a CV can tell us what kind of tasks or responsibilities one can perform, personality assessment can portrait the way a person will do it. Built upon several years of research, it’s a scientifically proven test and one of the most accurate on the market, providing recruiters with valuable and data-driven insights that help to make better hiring decisions.

Personality’s Big Five Dimensions

Our test measures the Big Five dimensions of personality - Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Stability, Extraversion and Openness - in a work behavioural context, which are proven predictors of job performance.

Test for Specific Job Profiles

The personality test classifies applicants’ results based on the ideal personality profile for the specific job they’re applying for. Recruiters can instantly learn if a candidate is suitable for the job position or not.

Analyse Personality Reports Easily

See the results of the personality assessment right on the candidate’s profile. Check the summary report with the most important highlights or open the full, detailed personality report with one click.
We can't imagine working without this end-to-end and fully GDPR-compliant solution. Great solution, great service, and great ROI.
Philippe Szombat - Founder @ BrightBiz

Use Deep Personality Insights To Improve Candidate Selection

Hard skills and past experiences are getting less relevant every day. In today’s world, soft skills and talent are what make people thrive in a role. Hence, it's important to be able to assess candidates' true potential.

Our pre-employment personality test provide recruiters with an objective and scientifically validated prediction of candidate's success in a job, in opposition to other subjective hiring methods. It provides deep personality insights that allow recruiters to effectively assess the candidates’ profiles and hire the right people in the right job.

Leverage Organisational Psychology

Don’t risk making anymore “gut-feel” decisions. Organisational Psychology research has demonstrated that personality profile assessments are the best way to accurately predict job performance.

Quantify Candidates’ Potential

Our personality test is normative. It provides a quantitative analysis of individuals perceptions and feelings regarding a determined construct amongst the patterns of normality.

Make Defensible Decisions

Driving an evidence-based recruitment makes hiring procedures defensible, in case someone questions the nature of your hiring decisions.
skeeled has recognised the signs of the times and provided companies with a high-performance solution.
Guy Schmit - Executive Assistant @ Voyages Emile Weber

Video Interview

Use pre-recorded video interviews to get a holistic view of your candidates and identify top talent in an early stage.

Applicant Tracking System

Digitalise and automate the first steps of your recruitment process with an Artificial Intelligence-based Applicant Tracking System that saves your time and improves the quality of hire.
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