Learn What Keeps Candidates Committed and Satisfied at Work

Assess Your Candidates’ Motivations To Know If a Role Matches Their Needs

Motivation is one of the most important traits in employees. Unmotivated individuals, no matter how skilled and experienced, are likely to underperform. As such, it is essential to ensure that in the same way that candidates match the requirements of a role, the role also fits the needs of those candidates. The motivation assessment allows recruiters to understand which situations may increase or decrease candidates’ motivation in a professional context and helps to make better hiring decisions.

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Learn if a Candidate Will Succeed in a Given Position By Evaluating 20 Motivational Factors

The DRIVE assessment provides insight into the type of environment, tasks and activities that will keep candidates motivated. Ultimately, it helps to understand what a person wants to do and what they need from a role in order to be engaged and succeed. The questionnaire evaluates 20 motivational factors, under 4 main categories, which allow recruiters to learn about a candidate’s specific individual needs:

  • Motivations linked to the type of work - what the candidate wants to do
  • Relational motivations - how the person wants to work
  • Organisational motivations - in which field does the person want to work
  • Personal motivations - why the person wants to work
skeeled is a user-friendly digital tool that makes the entire recruitment process easy to manage. It provides a good overview of the candidates, where they are in the process and allows us to work faster through personalised emails and multiposting. In addition, it automatically creates our recruitment database.
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Discover How Well Candidates Fit the Job Profile To Decide Who Has a Better Chance to Thrive

There’s an undeniable link between people’s motivation and their working environment. To better identify the determinants of the satisfaction and commitment of a person in a professional context, the DRIVE assessment evaluates the candidates’ fit with activities, leadership styles and workplace culture to help recruiters understand the types of activities and contexts that make candidates want to invest themselves in their work.

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The Fit With Activities

The motivation assessment analyses the candidates’ attraction for 9 different types of activities that are applicable across all jobs, allowing to measure the attraction of a person towards different facets of a role.

The Fit With Leadership Styles

The DRIVE assessment provides information to facilitate employee-manager relationships by describing the ideal working environment for the candidates and quantifying the compatibility of candidates with 6 styles of leadership.

The Fit With Workplace Culture

The motivation assessment also provides insight into the ideal workplace culture for each candidate. The report reveals whether candidates have values oriented towards results or relationships, their need for either control or flexibility and 3 additional indicators to further define the workplace culture in which the person is most likely to thrive.
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