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Recruitment in the Media & Advertising sector in Europe

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With new technologies being applied to the sector, the media landscape is rapidly changing and requiring companies to re-adapt. Digitalisation is profoundly changing the way we consume advertising and media, redefining established media sectors and shaping new ones.

This brings media companies numerous challenges which they need to tackle in order to achieve sustainable growth, creating value from digital opportunities, enhancing consumer spending and advertising revenues, and transforming media processes. Recruitment is one of the challenges the industry faces mostly due to significant talent shortages. Additionally, there’s a documented lack of diversity in the sector which needs to be reverted.

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- The sector’s positioning in the European economic scene
- The key media market players in Europe
- Key challenges and trends affecting the sector
- Employment in the Media & Advertising sector
- The Media & Advertising workforce
- How to recruit top talent in the sector

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