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Recruitment in the Automotive industry in Europe

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Responsible for 4% of EU’s Gross Domestic Industry (GDI), the automotive industry employs around 12 million people, with 3 million in the manufacturing sector, 4.3 million in sales and maintenance and 4,8 million in transports, as stated by PortugalIn.


However, the competitive marketplace, technology innovations, new business models and changes in consumer preferences are among the things that have brought challenges in recruiting and retaining top automotive talent.

To continuing business success, the various players in the industry, from manufacturers to dealerships to aftermarket resellers, need to rethink their hiring strategies in order to find and retain the people with the right skills.

The report reveals:

1. Insights into the current state of recruitment in the automotive industry
2. What job seekers look for in automotive companies
3. The common recruitment challenges in the sector
4. Advices on how automotive companies can improve their recruitment

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