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How to improve your interview process with personality assessment

Learn how to formulate interview questions based on the results of the personality assessment.

What’s inside this eBook?

At skeeled we are concerned about providing recruiters with the best tools to make their recruitment process more efficient. That’s why our recruitment software includes an integrated personality assessment that is especially designed to help organisations hire more effectively.


Research shows that assessing personality is a reliable method to predict future job performance. Assessing a candidate’s personality allows recruiters to understand more accurately whether or not he or she will be a fit with the job position, team and company culture.


In order to help recruiters using the personality assessment results more efficiently and explore them further during the interview process, we created this ebook where you’ll find:


1. a general introduction about personality

2. the current theoretical framework used to classify the dimensions of personality

3. examples of interview questions

4. tips on how to further explore these questions to better assess the candidate’s suitability for a job position.

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