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Designing the perfect candidate experience

Discover how to design the perfect candidate experience to attract top talent and build a strong employer brand.

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The candidate experience influences candidates in their decision to apply to your company or accept your job offer. As such, it is key for organisations to attract, hire and retain top talent.


Recruitment is a crucial part of the candidate experience and how you conduct your recruitment process will impact the candidate's decision to accept your job offer, the way they will interact with your business in the future and how they will speak about your company to friends and family.


Read this ebook, written with our friends at Silver Cloud HR to learn:


  1. What is candidate experience 
  2. Why candidate experience matters 
  3. Candidate experience as a competitive advantage
  4. How a poor recruitment process impacts the candidate experience 
  5. How the experience with recruitment processes be improved
  6. The challenges of developing a positive candidate experience
  7. Tips to create a great candidate experience
  8. How to get started

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