Optimise your recruiting process and make your hires more successful

skeeled is a complete talent acquisition platform that offers everything you need to attract, assess and hire top talent.

  • Gain visibility for your vacancies with our 2000+ integrated job sites
  • Save time and reduce administrative work by automating manual tasks
  • Find the perfect fit for each job with pre-employment assessments, pre-recorded video interviews and structured interviewing
  • Collaborate with your team to make better hiring decisions
  • Track your recruitment performance and turn data into action
  • Protect your candidates’ data with our fully GDPR compliant solution
  • … and so much more!

Join 100+ businesses who are using skeeled to attract the best talent.

A userfriendly system

Pros: skeeled is an easy and userfriendly software. The possibility to open the access to managers.

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Perfect customer support, perfect managing tool

Pros: As a recruiter in the automotive industry, I work with skeeled every day and the customer support is always available, helping me finding solutions for smaller and bigger problems in just one day, and giving me proactive feedback if I've made a mistake in publishing a job offer. The software gives us the possibility to manage a huge amount of candidatures and we can easily keep an overview.

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Good product and excellent customer services

We received excellent customer services from skeeled, and so did our applicants - one was made aware that his video upload hadn't worked very well and was given the opportunity to resubmit. Very customer-centred.

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Very user friendly

As it is very user friendly, you can use it even in companies where people are not yet digital, they should not have any problem with the system. The implementation must be done in house so you need a small dedicated team. In our case, we put 5 people together for 1 day and were able to customize the system.

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