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Why You Must Enhance Your Candidate and Recruiter Experience

Adeline Herbey, Francis Mukwayanzo - NOVEMBER 22, 2018

Where a brilliant employer branding is crucial to attract and engage with the best candidates, providing your recruiters with the right innovative means at hands is just as important.

In this webinar, we will exchange on some of the most important obstacles experienced by both job seekers and recruiters. Causing disastrous frustrations and too often leading to candidate dropouts and high recruiters’ turnover.

How truly successfully effective is your recruitment process in providing the best experience to both your candidates and (internal) recruiters?

Why attend this webinar?

During this webinar, both Francis and Adeline will share their insights about their experience as both candidate and former recruiter. Not only that, but they will also share market insights from speaking with various HR decision-makers, influencers and users.

We will highlight why incorporating the right innovation into your hiring process is just as crucial for both your future hirees as your current recruiters.

webinar why you must enhance your candidate recruiter experience
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