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The skeeled talent acquisition software is suitable for every team no matter your company size.

We offer a flexible solution that is adaptable to your company’s needs and is designed to scale as your organisation grows.

We offer modular plans that allow you to add features or make package upgrades.

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Deep Candidate Profiling and Ranking Technology (ats) Improve Quality of Hire with an AI-Based ATS Software

Recruiters agree that the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates within large applicant pools. Hence, finding top talent fast greatly depends on the ability to automate the recruitment workflow through Artificial Intelligence (AI) to more effectively screen and assess candidates. Our Applicant Tracking System uses powerful ranking algorithms to deliver a shortlist based on qualification indicators.

Candidate profiles are standardised and presented by order of relevance, so you can compare them easily. With skeeled’s AI-powered recruiting software you can automate and streamline the first steps of your recruitment process and focus on the profiles that match your requirements. Never miss out on top talent again!

Improve Candidate Screening

Our ATS resume screening algorithm matches candidates against job requirements in a more reliable and faster way than manual screening.

Enhance Profile Ranking

Use the best ATS for recruiters to get more than simple candidate matching. Our technology ranks and prioritises candidates according to qualification indicators.

Increase Recruiting Efficiency

Speed up the hiring process and secure the best talent by screening and engaging more quickly the most qualified and suitable candidates in your talent pool.

Smart Automation of the Hiring Process (ats) To Save Time and Improve Candidate Engagement

Speed up your process and save yourself a huge amount of time for more important tasks. Our ATS software allows you to seamlessly adapt the application process according to each job’s requirements and publish your listing on various job boards or send personalised emails to multiple candidates in one click.

Tailor skeeled to suit your specific recruitment needs and keep up-to-date on every candidate’s hiring status. With one glance at skeeled you’ll know who’s been told what. Our software allows you to build a more efficient hiring process while providing candidates with the best candidate experience.

Customise Your Workflow

Manage personalised workflows to reach and attract the best candidates. Decide for each job which features you want to include and publish to multiple job boards with one click.

Keep Track of Every Recruiting Activity

Activity Records keep you updated regarding the status of each job and let you know how each candidate is progressing. A crucial feature to keep everyone in the team well aligned.

Automate Email Communication

Create custom templates easily using variables to send personalised mass emails to all your candidates, keeping them engaged throughout every stage of the recruitment process.
We have applicants from all over the world. With the help of skeeled, especially due to the video function, it is easier for us to get a better impression of the candidates.
Britta Deitenbach - Head of HR & Quality Management @ LUNEX University

Advanced Search Engine and Filtering Tool (ats) Find Candidates in Your Database with a few Clicks

Find candidates in your CV database software faster with our powerful searching and filtering features. You can easily do searches based on standard fields such as job, application date, location, language, education, etc, or filter candidates by keywords or custom tags you added to the profiles.

Use multiple search filters at once to look up large applicant pools. Speed up your recruitment process by promptly narrowing down candidates according to your requirements and access your talent database’s full potential by sourcing candidates that have already applied for other job openings.

Leverage the Responsive Search Interface

Go through your entire database and find candidates with just a few clicks using our modern, responsive search interface and the advanced search filters.

Maximize Your Talent Database’s Potential

Search your own data effortlessly and find the best candidates on your CV database according to specific requirements.

Rediscover Great Candidates

Search your own data effortlessly and find the best candidates on your CV database according to specific requirements.
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Security Regulations

We are GDPR compliant and we maintain high security standards to ensure your information stays safe. Our data centres, databases and directories are secure. We encrypt all your data and protect it using multiple firewalls. We update our service to comply with legal and technical changes.

Dedicated Support

We're committed to backing our customers when they need us. Wherever you are in Europe, our local recruitment experts provide you with support and digital recruitment expertise. Our knowledge is your knowledge.

Flexible Storage

We provide reliable and scalable storage solutions that adapt to your needs. You can choose where to store your data and we keep backups of your work in multiple data centres. Integrate skeeled into your current Applicant Tracking System (ATS) using our API.

Guaranteed Uptime

Hosted in multiple, redundant data centres, skeeled is up and running 99.99% of the time. You'll always have access to your data and we'll seamlessly upgrade your software with no interruptions.

Why Choose Skeeled?

Save hours of precious time on administrative tasks in recruitment

Digitalise & automatise your recruitment in one centralised platform

Automated AI screening and matching based on your requirements

Post your job offers on multiple job boards and universities in just one click

Strengthen your employer branding

Have high security standards and be GDPR ready

Fast implementation and no installation required (web-based)