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6 reasons why your company should use an ATS

In today's article we will continue exploring the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) world. We’ve already clarified that an ATS is a software that manages the recruitment process. It consists in a tool that gathers and organises the candidates’ information and provides recruiters with an initial screening of all incoming applications, so that they can optimise their time and focus only on the profiles that best match the job requirements. We also mentioned how, despite its major benefits for recruitment, many companies still perform recruiting activities manually, driving inefficiency towards their recruitment strategy. In order to help companies to understand READ MORE

4 Ways Chatbots can improve Recruitment

The use of Chatbots in the recruitment industry is a reality and its benefits are undeniable. It’s a great example of how technology, specifically AI, can help you and your recruiting team to be more efficient and at the same time improve candidate experience through the personalisation and engagement that application processes lack very often. But, what exactly is a Chatbot? Well, it’s a software program that uses Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to interact with humans and answer their questions. It uses predefined rules and algorithms to find relevant answers to people's READ MORE

Team skeeled: Engineering the future of recruitment

As we continue with our series of posts about skeeled team members, we talked with Artur Teixeira, our Head of Engineering and the person responsible for delivering the highly user-friendly software that allows companies to digitalise and streamline the recruitment process while providing candidates with the best experience. He started his journey at skeeled in the end of 2015, being the only development engineer in the project, and today he is responsible for leading the engineering department, giving support to and helping the development team grow, in total alignment with the business goals. Although he now has a great amount READ MORE

How Artificial Intelligence improves your recruitment process

Artificial intelligence is one of the major topics when it comes to recruitment trends for the upcoming year. And that is mainly due to the fact that when we talk about the use of AI in the recruitment process we're no longer discussing a future possibility. It is already happening! As a true game-changer, AI is revolutionising the way companies streamline the recruitment process and qualify, engage, and nurture large candidate pipelines. The use of AI tools and digital recruitment processes actually improves the company’s chances to better match candidates to performance and culture requirements and, therefore, to find READ MORE

HR tech: time for an upgrade?

In a world where digitalisation is on the rise; the need for organisations to think forward and innovate their organisation processes has become more and more important. HR departments are continuously looking for newer and more user-friendly software programs to facilitate their recruiting processes. Customers, suppliers and especially employees are expecting more of the company they work with, especially in terms of adapting their processes to the latest technology trends. While many companies have started to realise the benefits that can be derived from good HR tech, some are still unable to put the resources in place to take advantage READ MORE