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3 Steps for Choosing the Right ATS

Driving an efficient recruitment process requires you need to use the best recruitment software, one that covers all your needs by allowing you to write great job descriptions and post them to multiple job boards and social media networks with just a few clicks to attract top talent. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the perfect tool to help you with all those tasks and manage great volumes of incoming applications, keeping all the candidates’ information centralised and organised. In fact, an ATS that includes the right features can offer you a lot more than just a way of keeping READ MORE

How skeeled’s Personality Assessment Helps You Hire the Right People

How many times were you unpleasantly surprised by the behaviour and/or performance of a new employee within just a few months after having him hired? We bet that in all those occasions you’ve wished you had a way of accurately predicting if that individual would perform well and fit in the company culture before deciding to hire him. Right? Unlike a CV or an interview, where the information you receive from the candidate is subjective, the personality assessment tells you how a candidate will in fact perform and behave in the workplace. But using a personality assessment goes READ MORE

How skeeled Streamlines and Improves your Recruitment Process

HR teams thrive to simplify and streamline the recruitment process, so that they can attract more and better candidates and, also, have more time to engage top talent in the selection process. Nevertheless, we all know there’s not much you can do to go beyond the traditional recruitment methods and put in place a modern process without being provided with the right technology and tools. Using a proper recruitment software can do wonders by automating time-consuming, administrative tasks and providing an organized workflow that allows a better and more effective application management. However, an AI-powered solution like skeeled goes READ MORE

A Major Step Forward in the Skeeled Journey

For the last 8 months we have been really busy here at skeeled redesigning our entire software and developing amazing new features. Finally, we have reached the end of this incredible journey and on the 20th of September, we hosted an amazing event at our headquarters with the Luxembourgish Prime Minister Xavier Bettel as a special guest to introduce the brand-new version of our software and announce a very important partnership with ADEM to our clients and partners. That occasion marked a major step forward in the journey of skeeled and today we are extremely proud and excited to share READ MORE

6 reasons why your company should use an ATS

In today's article we will continue exploring the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) world. We’ve already clarified that an ATS is a software that manages the recruitment process. It consists in a tool that gathers and organises the candidates’ information and provides recruiters with an initial screening of all incoming applications, so that they can optimise their time and focus only on the profiles that best match the job requirements. We also mentioned how, despite its major benefits for recruitment, many companies still perform recruiting activities manually, driving inefficiency towards their recruitment strategy. In order to help companies to understand READ MORE