Applicant Tracking System: Key Features for an Effective Recruitment Process

As we’ve discussed in two previous articles, using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps driving a much more efficient recruitment process. Companies that continue to manually manage and screen CVs are wasting precious time that should be spent in engaging with the best candidates in order to hire top talent. Centralising all the candidates’ information in one single platform and performing an initial screening of the incoming applications to signal the best prospective candidates are just some of the major benefits an ATS can offer. Driving an efficient recruitment strategy highly depends on the ability of a company to READ MORE

6 reasons why your company should use an ATS

In today's article we will continue exploring the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) world. We’ve already clarified that an ATS is a software that manages the recruitment process. It consists in a tool that gathers and organises the candidates’ information and provides recruiters with an initial screening of all incoming applications, so that they can optimise their time and focus only on the profiles that best match the job requirements. We also mentioned how, despite its major benefits for recruitment, many companies still perform recruiting activities manually, driving inefficiency towards their recruitment strategy. In order to help companies to understand READ MORE

Team skeeled: Leveraging Personality Assessment for Improved Job Performance Prediction

As our company keeps growing it’s time to introduce you to another team skeeled member. Our series of in-house blog posts has already covered most of our main departments: Management, with Mike and Nicolas; Engineering, with Artur; Sales and Customer Success, with Olfa; and today we’ll open the door of our Porto office, so you can meet António Gomes, our Psychology Expert. António joined skeeled almost a year ago and plays a key role in our company, for he’s responsible for all the support regarding our personality assessment. More than ever, it’s important for recruiters to READ MORE

Pre-employment Assessments: Normative vs Ipsative

Pre-employment assessments are very important when it comes to identify top talent as well as to avoid the cost of potentially bad hires, helping recruiters to make better hiring decisions. As discussed previously, if well-designed and scientifically validated, tests can actually be one the most objective ways of assessing candidates and predicting job performance and company fit. Pre-employment assessments are extremely efficient as they can provide recruiters additional data about their prospect talents, in order to truly assess the candidate’s fitness for a specific job. So, it’s of the utmost importance to understand which type of pre-employment assessment READ MORE

ATS: everything you need to know about Applicant Tracking Systems!

Before the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) entered the scene, recruiters kept candidates’ applications in filing cabinets or stacked up in piles on their desks. ATSs were introduced to the market in the 90’s and even though the first versions were very basic, it symbolised a turning point in the management of the recruitment process across the companies that integrated this solution into their processes. Mainly, because it allowed recruiters to keep a track record of the applications and better organise the information regarding each applicant. HR tech has evolved a lot since then and so did the recruitment process READ MORE