The Happy Recruiter as a Magnet for Talent

The job market is experiencing beautiful, but unfortunately very hard times. As discussed already a dozen of times: the war for talent is raging on and recruitment and retention are back on the agenda according to various reports. This means that having over 30 open vacancies today is more of a generality than an exception and HR people feel that they are under pressure all the time. And then we don’t even talk about the limitations under which they have to work: high pressure, not enough budget, ATS that already didn’t work in 2013 and hiring managers that READ MORE

Team skeeled: Engineering the future of recruitment

As we continue with our series of posts about skeeled team members, we talked with Artur Teixeira, our Head of Engineering and the person responsible for delivering the highly user-friendly software that allows companies to digitalise and streamline the recruitment process while providing candidates with the best experience. He started his journey at skeeled in the end of 2015, being the only development engineer in the project, and today he is responsible for leading the engineering department, giving support to and helping the development team grow, in total alignment with the business goals. Although he now has a great amount READ MORE

Why do we need the automation of processes in HR?

When it comes to human resources, automation technologies are considered to be a major workplace disruptor, given that it enables consistent process execution, leading to greater efficiency, better customer service and significant cost savings. These are very important aspects of human resources activities and ,according to a McKinsey and Company research, provide “the bandwidth, resources and credibility” necessary to drive value from talent. More than a half of HR tasks can be automated The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that 56 percent of all tasks human resources departments perform can be automated with existing technologies. Employing intelligent process automation and new READ MORE

Why Lego® Serious Play® is an important HR tool

Microsoft, Google, Mercedes, Nasa, Unilever, Coca Cola and Pfizer are just some of the major companies that have used the Lego® Serious Play® method to allow individuals to “think with their own hands” and contribute to the development of projects or the organisation itself. One of the most important goals in HR is the expansion of human capital within an organisation, through the development of both the organisation and the individual and leading to performance improvement. This is serious business, wouldn’t you say? So, how come that we hear people say building Lego® models in the workplace is a READ MORE

5 Steps to Improve Candidate Experience and Attract the Best Talent

Candidate experience has been a hot topic in the recruitment industry for a while now. But watch out, because it surely is a lot more than just a buzzword or trend. As a recruiter one of your biggest challenges and one of your top priorities is to keep the talent pool filled with the best candidates. Well this is not as simple to accomplish as it used to be. I’m sure you’ve heard about the “war for talent” that is going on. The competition is fierce and there’s a shortage of talent in the market, making it READ MORE