Diversity in the workplace: using AI tools to reduce human bias in hiring

Diversity in the workplace is one of the hot topics in HR trends for 2018. Whether it is gender, age, race or religion, there are many forms of human bias in the hiring process that compromise the transformation efforts companies are slowly beginning to put in place to bring together a diverse workforce. The thing is, diversity in the workplace is not just a matter of corporate social responsibility or legal compliance. It’s also a source of competitive advantage and a key enabler of growth. After all, in a globalised economy seems right to assume that a diverse workforce, READ MORE

Agile: empowering HR teams

Agile teams are now a reality among many companies outside the IT sector and across different departments, and there are pretty good reasons for that to be happening. To begin with, we’re living in an era of digital disruption that is pushing companies to rethink and reinvent their mindset, their management style and their processes. In addition, a different workforce sector is on the rise – the knowledge workers - and companies must adapt to it. The knowledge workers often know more about the work they perform than their superiors and, therefore, they need to be autonomous to explore their READ MORE

Data protection: skeeled is GDPR-ready!

As previously discussed here on the blog, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about to be enforced and companies around the world are (or should be) putting all their efforts into becoming compliant with the new regulation on data privacy and protection. From the 25th May onwards, any company that processes an EU citizen’s data, whether the company itself is located in the EU or outside of it, has to obey to the new rules for controlling and processing data. This new data protection regulation affects companies (data controllers and data processors) across all industries, including HR READ MORE

Introducing: skeeled's new applicant side design

For the past 5 months, our designer and developers have been working on a new design for the applicant side of the skeeled platform. Now the day has finally come where we can proudly present you the finished project. But first, let us give you some background on the changes that will happen, and why we decided to do it. One goal was to increase engagement on our platform and reduce the candidate dropout rate. To achieve this goal, we had to get to know our users better. Since we have a very diverse group of users, with varying technical READ MORE

The Happy Recruiter as a Magnet for Talent

The job market is experiencing beautiful, but unfortunately very hard times. As discussed already a dozen of times: the war for talent is raging on and recruitment and retention are back on the agenda according to various reports. This means that having over 30 open vacancies today is more of a generality than an exception and HR people feel that they are under pressure all the time. And then we don’t even talk about the limitations under which they have to work: high pressure, not enough budget, ATS that already didn’t work in 2013 and hiring managers that READ MORE