Pre-employment tests: why Wonderlic’s PCI is the best way to assess candidates

By using a pre-employment test, recruiters can make better informed and more defensible hiring decisions. If well-designed and scientifically validated, tests can be one the most objective ways of assessing candidates and predicting job performance and company fit. We know how important it is to quickly identify top talent and avoid potentially bad hires. Having that in mind, skeeled chose to use Wonderlic’s PCI (Personality Characteristics Inventory) to provide customers with a scientifically proven personality assessment and enable an evidence-based recruitment. Wonderlic is one the leading provider of pre-employment testing and assessment and as a strategic partner helps us READ MORE

5 Benefits of including Video Interview in your Recruitment Process

We’ve already talked in a blog article about why video interview matters in recruitment and today we want to look further at the key benefits of this recruitment tool. Today’s job market is strongly competitive and attracting the best talent keeps more and more challenging. Companies need to strengthen their employer brand and be able to provide an outstanding candidate experience. To do so, they need to take a step back, look at their recruitment strategy and update the processes. Recruiters have to work on many fronts: they need to build and engage with a talent community, establish READ MORE

Team skeeled: Sales & Talent Management as number one operating priority

It’s time to resume our series of posts about skeeled’s team members and continue to lead you on a behind the scenes tour, so that you can learn more about us and the work that we do. In today’s article we present you Olfa Djemal, who we welcomed to our team as our Head of Sales in January this year. She is responsible for overseeing day-to-day sales operations, developing talent, building and maintaining strong and long-lasting relationships with clients and championing for customer success. Olfa joined skeeled because she highly valued the company’s vision of “empowering READ MORE

How to calculate and minimise the Cost per Hire

Hiring new employees can require big investment from a company. For that reason, hiring managers have to control and optimise the cost per hire, aside from having to find, recruit and retain the best talent. In fact, it is expected from HR departments to keep the cost per hire as low as possible. But for your team to be totally aligned with your company’s financial strategy and control the hiring costs, it is mandatory to know exactly how much the cost per hire is and how to calculate it. This will also allow you to assess how cost effective READ MORE

3 reasons why you should use Pre-employment Testing and Assessment in your hiring

Certainly, you've heard about Pre-employment Testing and Assessment before, but have you ever give it any thought about what these tools can really do for your recruitment process? When aiming to get the best talent, CV screening and unstructured interview results alone are not reliable enough because candidates can include misleading statements in their CVs and provide inaccurate information during face-to-face interviews while trying to impress the recruiter. In our last post we discussed the importance of conducting structured interviews to identify the best candidates and today we would like to tell you why you should also use pre-employment assessment READ MORE