How video interviews turn your recruitment cost-effective

Using new recruitment tools such as pre-recorded video interviews is not just about being able to attract and hire the best candidates. Companies need to use tools and strategies that allow to decrease the time to fill a position and reduce overall hiring costs. So, how does one-way video interview help achieve that? There are many benefits associated with using pre-recorded video interviews in the recruitment process. Aside from helping recruiters screening candidates more accurately, it can streamline the hiring process and eliminate some of the traditional recruitment process’s pain points. Pre-recorded video interviews help speed up the recruitment READ MORE

Why companies use pre-recorded video interviews

Companies keep competing for talent in the job market and pre-recorded video interviews may be the secret element they need to add to their strategy for attracting and hiring the best candidates. Talent is in the centre of a company’s success, hence hiring people is the most important thing companies do. As technology develops, it impacts and changes everything around us: the way we do our work, how we communicate and, naturally, the tools we use in recruitment to attract and engage with candidates. Successful companies are not afraid to make changes, embracing new technological solutions to level up READ MORE

The truth about pre-recorded video interviews

Pre-recorded video interviews are a great recruitment tool, but it still isn't very clear to everyone how it works and why it improves the hiring process. It all comes down to the fact that it allows to identify the best candidates early in the process, while also allowing companies to excel candidate experience. In today’s article we'll break this down and tell you how it works. So, first things first. What is a pre-recorded video interview? In short, it’s an interview where the interviewer isn’t present when the candidate answers the questions. That’s why they’re READ MORE

Applicant Tracking System: main advantages of using an ATS

In today's job market, companies that use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) are most likely to quickly attract, identify and hire the best candidates. On the other hand, those who do not leverage new recruitment strategies and tools are certain to fail to achieve recruiting objectives. Driving an efficient recruitment strategy highly depends on the ability of a company to implement more streamlined and agile processes that enable recruiters to focus and spend more time on what matters the most: engaging with top talent. Digitalising and centralising all the candidates’ information in a single platform and performing an initial screening READ MORE

Applicant Tracking System: Key Features for an Effective Recruitment Process

As we’ve discussed in two previous articles, using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps driving a much more efficient recruitment process. Companies that continue to manually manage and screen CVs are wasting precious time that should be spent in engaging with the best candidates in order to hire top talent. Centralising all the candidates’ information in one single platform and performing an initial screening of the incoming applications to signal the best prospective candidates are just some of the major benefits an ATS can offer. Driving an efficient recruitment strategy highly depends on the ability of a company to READ MORE