Modernise and Streamline Your Recruitment Process

Deep Candidate Profiling and Ranking Technology Improve Quality of Hire with an AI-Based ATS Software

Recruiters agree that the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates within large applicant pools. Hence, finding top talent fast greatly depends on the ability to automate the recruitment workflow through Artificial Intelligence (AI) to more effectively screen and assess candidates. Our Applicant Tracking System uses powerful ranking algorithms to deliver a shortlist based on qualification indicators.

Candidate profiles are standardised and presented by order of relevance, so you can compare them easily. With skeeled’s AI-powered recruiting software you can automate and streamline the first steps of your recruitment process and focus on the profiles that match your requirements. Never miss out on top talent again!

Improve Candidate Screening

Our ATS resume screening algorithm matches candidates against job requirements in a more reliable and faster way than manual screening.

Enhance Profile Ranking

Use the best ATS for recruiters to get more than simple candidate matching. Our technology ranks and prioritises candidates according to qualification indicators.

Leverage Exclusion Factors

Set CV Add-Ons as exclusion factors, such as a specific drivers licence type, EU work permit or any other custom criteria you need candidates to meet, to improve candidate screening and engage faster with the right people.

Astonishing Team Collaboration To Make the Best Recruitment Decisions

Recruiting a new colleague is a team effort. With skeeled’s candidate management software, everyone involved can leave comments on candidates and rate their profiles, which provides a more diverse assessment and strengthens the final decision.

Our powerful collaborative features (integrated commenting, profile sharing, etc) allow recruiters to instantly provide and ask for feedback about candidates at every stage of the recruitment process, making it easier for you to hire the right person. Let all team members have a say in the selection of a new hire so you can assemble a more diverse and culturally fit workforce. This will greatly benefit your company.

Set Up Your Hiring Team

Set up your hiring team and give your recruiters different roles. Manage permission levels and easily rearrange the team for each job if needed.

Improve Communication

Comment, rate, tag and share candidate profiles. Use the @mention to notify and get real-time feedback from specific team members.

Drive Productivity and Growth

Update candidates’ progress in one place so everyone knows what's happening. Keep the team well aligned without the need to hold endless meetings.
skeeled is a user-friendly digital tool that makes the entire recruitment process easy to manage. It provides a good overview of the candidates, where they are in the process and allows us to work faster through personalised emails and multiposting. In addition, it automatically creates our recruitment database.
Gilles Jonckheere - HR Manager @ TITECA

Smart Automation of the Hiring Process To Save Time and Improve Candidate Engagement

Speed up your process and save yourself a huge amount of time for more important tasks. Our ATS software allows you to seamlessly adapt the application process according to each job’s requirements and publish your listing on various job boards or send personalised emails to multiple candidates in one click.

Tailor skeeled to suit your specific recruitment needs and keep up-to-date on every candidate’s hiring status. With one glance at skeeled you’ll know who’s been told what. Our software allows you to build a more efficient hiring process while providing candidates with the best candidate experience.

Customise Your Workflow

Manage personalised workflows to reach and attract the best candidates. Decide for each job which features you want to include and publish to multiple job boards with one click.

Keep Track of Every Recruiting Activity

Activity Records keep you updated regarding the status of each job and let you know how each candidate is progressing. A crucial feature to keep everyone in the team well aligned.

Automate Email Communication

Create custom templates easily using variables to send personalised mass emails to all your candidates, keeping them engaged throughout every stage of the recruitment process.

Powerful Reporting and Analytics Solution To Keep Good Track of the Metrics That Matter

Measuring your recruiting activities is key to know how your recruitment process is performing and to get insightful data to help continuously assess and improve it. Hence, our user-friendly analytics dashboard is a great recruitment management feature.

Measure everything regarding job openings, from application channels to time-to-hire, among other top metrics. Assess comment and email stats to help your team improve their productivity and strengthen candidate engagement. Use our custom, interactive and real-time reports to have easy access to your numbers and deliver a first-class recruitment process.


Customise Your Reports

The most important metrics to assess your recruitment process are just a few clicks away. Set up the most important recruiting metrics for your company and get useful reports.

Power Up with Real-Time Analytics

Our analytics dashboard is user-friendly, customisable and interactive. It provides real-time reports, so you can monitor and analyse your results anytime at your own convenience.

Take Your Reports with You

Besides using the integrated analytics dashboard, you can also export the reports. Just enter your account, go to the analytics section and download your report in PDF format.
skeeled is a modern and efficient recruitment tool which gives small companies like us the chance to focus on our priorities while automating the whole recruitment process. The software support is fast, personal and very thorough.
Arthus de Bousies - Managing Director @ Natura

Advanced Search Engine and Filtering Tool Find Candidates in Your Database with a few Clicks

Find candidates in your CV database software faster with our powerful searching and filtering features. You can easily do searches based on standard fields such as job, application date, location, language, education, etc, or filter candidates by keywords or custom tags you added to the profiles.

Use multiple search filters at once to look up large applicant pools. Speed up your recruitment process by promptly narrowing down candidates according to your requirements and access your talent database’s full potential by sourcing candidates that have already applied for other job openings.

Leverage the Responsive Search Interface

Go through your entire database and find candidates with just a few clicks using our modern, responsive search interface and the advanced search filters.

Maximize Your Talent Database’s Potential

Search your own data effortlessly and find the best candidates on your CV database according to specific requirements.

Rediscover Great Candidates

Search your own data effortlessly and find the best candidates on your CV database according to specific requirements.

Make Interview Scheduling Easy With skeeled's Integrated Calendar

Get rid of all the hassle of interview scheduling with our integrated calendar. It's a win-win scheduling solution that saves recruiters precious time and gives candidates more flexibility to manage their personal agenda, improving candidate experience.

Just define your availability in the calendar and let candidates choose their preferred slot. You will drastically cut down the amount of emails sent, and phone calls made to schedule an interview.

Reduce Emails and Phone Calls

With skeeled's integrated calendar you just have to set up your availability and candidates can self-schedule the most convenient time for an interview.

Don't Get Lost in Your Timetable

Have all your scheduled interviews in one place to avoid getting lost in your timetable. No more double-booking time slots and reschedule emails or phone calls.

Meet Candidates’ Needs

Candidates can be as busy as recruiters. They will love you for letting them autonomously choose their preferred time slot for an interview.

Internal and External Recruitment Options To Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

When it comes to recruiting, companies can have different needs. Staffing a whole new position, simply filling a vacancy or replacing a manager requires different recruitment strategies. With skeeled, you can use different types of recruitment for each job opening: internal recruitment, external recruitment, or both.

Internal External Recruitment

Employ Different Recruitment Strategies

Recruit internally, externally, or both ways, according to your hiring needs. Create job postings with different sharing links and CV add-ons to target, track and assess each type of candidate.

Promote Internal Mobility to Retain Top Talent

Recruiting internally allows you to retain top employees who have the knowledge, skills and experience to fit into a new role. Create an internal job board with skeeled and allow your current employees to aim higher.

Target and Attract the Best Talent Out There

Hiring externally is the best option to bring in new talent, fresh ideas and new approaches. It allows attracting candidates with new and different skill sets that can enhance your teams' performance or grow your company’s business.

Keep Track of All Your Interviews With skeeled’s Scorecards

Keeping a record of your candidates’ answers during an interview is crucial for a thorough evaluation and assessment. With skeeled’s Scorecards, you can register and evaluate your candidates' answers on the software, making it easy for you to access them at any time.

Create as many Scorecards as you want, with personalized questions, and attribute them to your candidates, according to your needs. Get your hiring team more involved in the interview process by asking them to evaluate and comment on the registered answers.


Get Your Team Involved

Allow the teammates that were not present at the interview to evaluate and comment on the candidates' answers.

Standardize Interviews

Use the same Scorecards for several candidates and evaluate them using the same parameters and indicators, for a more fair decision.

Easily Compare your Candidates

The evaluations on a Scorecard are converted to numerical format, making it easy for you to compare the candidates’ performance.

Video Interview

Use pre-recorded video interviews to get a holistic view of your candidates and identify top talent in an early stage.

Personality Test

Find the right candidate with a scientifically proven personality test that assesses each candidate’s core personality traits and whether he or she would be a good fit for your team.
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