How skeeled Uses AI to Improve Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence How skeeled uses AI to Improve Recruitment

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment, skeeled aims to empower recruiters with the benefits of AI without losing the value of human touch. The application of this technology innovations that use AI to recruitment functions is designed to automate some parts of the recruiting process, especially repetitive and high volume tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is set to become a vital part of the recruitment world in the upcoming years, giving companies an edge when it comes to streamlining their processes and helping recruiters connecting to top talent faster.

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Responsible AI Program Removing Bias From Important Decisions

Responsible AI is an effort to ensure that AI-based solutions are fair, unbiased, transparent, secure, and private. This is a very important topic for skeeled, which is why we have our own Responsible AI program.

The data we use to train our predictive models is built upon the historical decisions of a diverse team of human experts with specific anti-bias formation and is carefully handled in a way that all demographic information is removed and terminology is uniformised to ensure that new automated decisions are unbiased.

Moreover, our dedicated team of inter-disciplinary experts periodically monitors and reviews the AI-based decisions for bias and fairness and makes corrections if needed.

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How skeeled Implements AI in Recruitment Providing Smart Recruiting Features

skeeled employs AI in different parts of the recruitment process, through tools like the Pre-screening, the Ranking of applicants, and the brand new features Internal Talent Pool and Feedback to the Recruiter. Other AI-based features in development include a tool that helps disambiguating job descriptions before they are published.

At the centre of all these tools is a knowledge base of occupations, experiences, education, and skills, extended from international standards, which we use in conjunction with natural language processing (NLP) techniques to harmonise recruiter and applicant terminology and to extract the true competencies of applicants.

skeeled’s AI-based tools also use different machine learning algorithms that are periodically retrained and whose outputs are carefully monitored in order to guarantee correctness and fairness.

55% of HR managers see evidence of AI becoming a regular part of HR within the next five years
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Replicating Human Actions With Machine Learning How AI Makes Human-Based Decisions

The pre-screening allows reducing the number of applicants for a given job, by rejecting those that are clearly not a fit and by accepting the others to further analysis. skeeled’s pre-screening is a machine learning, NLP enabled tool that produces an automated binary decision, accept/reject. In order not to reject an applicant that could be a fit for the job, we put extra care in this tool and regularly monitor and revise the automated decisions. Moreover, as we are true supporters of the human in the loop paradigma, we allow recruiters to review and requalify any applicant that was rejected by the tool.

Pre-screening and Matching

skeeled’s pre-screening is a machine learning, NLP enabled tool that produces an automated binary decision: either reject the applicants that are clearly not a fit, or to accept them to further analysis. These automated decisions are regularly monitored and revised and we also allow recruiters to review and requalify applicants that they might consider a fit.


skeeled’s ranking feature is a machine learning, NLP enabled tool that classifies accepted applicants into different categories (e.g., weak, average, good and great). It presents a finer granularity than matching and uses additional information, such as the applicants’ personality assessment.

Internal Talent Pool

skeeled’s internal talent pool is a machine learning, NLP-based tool that makes extensive use of our knowledge base to discover skills and competencies of applicants that have previously applied for a job, and to match them to the requirements of a new, potentially different job, allowing companies to uncover talents that would otherwise be hidden.

NLP: Processing and Understanding Human Language The Use of AI for Linguistic Purposes

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is another branch of AI. It refers to the process in which machines are able to understand, represent and generate human language, and therefore is deeply connected to the study of linguistics.

Our recruitment software is all about understanding job descriptions and CVs in a multi-language environment, where different terminology is denoised, normalised, and checked for bias, and therefore NLP is used throughout all our AI-based tools.

Detector of Ambiguities and Contradictions

Oftentimes, job descriptions are ambiguous or even contradictory. For instance, it is common for a job to ask for a very good level of english and then to describe it as level A2. This often confuses the candidates to this job, the experts, and the algorithms supporting the automated tools. skeeled is developing a NLP-intensive tool that automatically alerts the recruiters of these situations, allowing them to edit the job before it is published.

Take Advantage of Using AI in Recruitment

Improve Quality of Hire

AI-powered recruitment software analyses specific data to highlight the best candidates according to your needs, and prevent a biased selection.

Save Time Through Automation

The automation of time-consuming tasks, like CV screening, is easily integrated into your current workflow, helping your recruitment process move faster. Reach top talent faster than your competitors.

Increase Productivity Levels

Increase your productivity levels by spending less time on high-volume tasks and paying attention to more important activities, like engaging with candidates.

Access Relevant Data

Artificial Intelligence gathers all the data you need to give you important insights on your candidates and previous recruitment processes. You can use this information to improve and perfect future recruitment processes.
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